My BMW has been parked under a tree and has bird droppings on the soft top, help, what can I do to get them off?

The best thing to do is to quickly wipe off as much as possible with a damp lint free cloth, being careful not to spread it across the soft top as you do so. Now clean the area with Renovo Fabric Soft Top Cleaner, you will get the best cleaning result by leaving the Renovo Fabric Soft Top Cleaner on the soft top for about 60 minutes, then scrubbing the affected area with a bristle brush and hand hot water; a nail brush is ideal for this purpose. Rinse off the area and let it dry, repeat the cleaning process until all of the droppings have been removed. Now would be a good time to clean the whole soft top too.

Protect and waterproof the area and the whole soft top with Renovo Ultra Proofer, this protective coating will enable easier removal of future bird related annoyances as it prevents the penetration of the droppings deep into the fibres of the fabric.

Top tip: If the droppings have been allowed to dry on the fabric, use an ice cube. Put the ice cube on the area allow it to melt, this will freeze the dropping and allow easier removal, then simply rinse off the area with clean water. You can also use Renovo Fabric Soft Top Cleaner to help with the removal process and then protect with Renovo Ultra Proofer.

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