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My Mercedes soft top has mould growing on it, what can I use to remove it?

How do I look after my Porsche convertible soft top?

How often should I apply Ultra Proofer?

What is the best way of cleaning my Saab soft top, can I use my car shampoo?

The colour of my car's fabric soft top has badly faded; will I have to buy a new one?

Rain is getting in to my BMW through my soft top, what can I do to stop it?

I have a plastic rear view window; it has gone all cloudy, why?

I have a Honda which has a vinyl roof. The cars roof exterior is in good condition but the interior is faded where it is folded back plus faint mildew marks. I want to restore the inside of the roof only, is there a product for this?

How do I get the best results out of using Renovo fabric soft top products?

Can I use Renovo soft top products on my boat covers?

My Soft Top Cleaner looks different to the videos, have I bought the right product?

The products on Ebay don’t seem to be as good as getting it directly from you. Are there cheap options out there which are not the real thing?

My BMW has been parked under a tree and has bird droppings on the soft top, help, what can I do to get them off?

My Mini's previous owner jet washed the soft top which left lines all across the fabric. Will your Reviver get rid of the lines?

I’ve just cleaned my soft top and applied Reviver but the colour result is not as black as I wanted, have I done something wrong?

My Mazda RX7 Cabriolet (1992) has a vinyl soft top. Does Renovo Soft Top Reviver will work on vinyl tops or if it can only be used on canvas tops?

Do you make a grey Reviver, as my soft top was originally grey not black?

My soft top is a very faded tan/beige colour, I’d like to re-colour it but the nearest colour you have in Reviver is brown, would this be suitable or too dark?

I followed the instructions for the Plastic Window Polish but had to wash it off. Am I doing something wrong?

How do I remove previously applied proofer before applying Soft Top Reviver?

Can I use Renovo soft top revival products on my fabric roofed 2008 Mini convertible?

I don’t know if my MX5 has a fabric or a vinyl soft top, how do I check this? I want to clean and protect it but I’m unsure which of your products are the right ones to buy.

It rained before I finished the Ultra Proofer, what should I do?

I have an Audi A3 convertible with a dark red soft top. Can I buy Soft Top Reviver in dark red for my car?

Can I turn my E500 convertable's tan top black?

Can I just spray on Ultra Proofer?

Do you have a supplier in New Zealand?

What products are best to waterproof & restore a Saab 93 convertible?

Can Plastic Window Polish be used on caravan windows and clear car headlights?

I'm wondering if it's possible to change my Mini's blue top to black using your Soft Top Reviver product?

Do you have any suggestions for the cleaning and eventually re-colouring of my Z4 beige soft top?

Is there a spot mildew cleaner I should use with a small brush prior to using your full soft top cleaner kit?

I have grey specks on my vinyl soft top Excalibur, can you recommend how to remove the stains?

I’m going to clean and reproof the fabric roof on my Smart Roadster - do I need Fabric Cleaner, Reviver and Ultra Proofer or just Fabric Cleaner and Ultra Proofer?

Should I use your Interior Proofer or your Soft Top Proofer to nourish vinyl seat covers?

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