Can I use Renovo soft top revival products on my fabric roofed 2008 Mini convertible?

“Can you please assist me? I have just purchased the set of Renovo soft top revival products.  I am confused about the Renovo Soft Top Reviver black (part no: RHRBLA500 1115). This product says it is a soft top reviver but at the bottom of the bottle states not for vinyl soft tops. I wish to apply this to a 2008, Mini convertible, which I am informed has a Fabric roof. Can you please confirm if this product is suitable for this car?”

Yes, Renovo Reviver is suitable for fabric soft tops but is not appropriate for use on vinyl soft tops. If your mini has its original soft top then it will be fabric, so it's fine to use Renovo Fabric Soft Top Cleaner, Reviver and lastly, Ultra Proofer. 

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