It rained before I finished the Ultra Proofer, what should I do?

I purchased your Renovo products and used them and like them. I applied my 2nd coat of Ultra Proofer to my convertible soft top, but it suddenly rained at the end of the application and I couldn’t get my car undercover anywhere.

What should I do? Will it require another coat when it dries out?


The amount of Ultra Proofer that was washed out will depend on the amount of rain that fell. Ultra Proofer is a water based product so the rainfall would have diluted its capabilities.  Therefore the best thing to do is apply another coat of Ultra Proofer to your soft top when it's dry, this will top up the protection washed away by the rain.

However, if the surface of your soft top now looks water marked/patchy you will need to clean the soft top with Fabric Soft Top Cleaner according to the severely soiled instructions on the bottle label before starting to apply further Ultra Proofer; this may mean that a further two applications are needed to fully protect the fabric.

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