My Mini's previous owner jet washed the soft top which left lines all across the fabric. Will your Reviver get rid of the lines?

A jet wash should never be used on a convertible soft top, the concentration of water flow is too powerful, not only on fabric but also on vinyl.

It sounds like the previous owner of the car may have blown some of the pile of the fabric off with the jet wash and this would have caused the lines to appear as you describe. Reviver will probably accentuate the lines if this is the case.

In the lined areas where there is less fabric for the Reviver to adhere to, less Reviver will be absorbed, so the undamaged areas will soak in more Reviver where there is more fabric for the Reviver to adhere to. This will result in the undamaged areas darkening more than the damaged areas and highlighting the damaged lines rather than hiding them.

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