Can I just spray on Ultra Proofer?Can I just spray on Ultra Proofer?

I just treated my Saab’s soft top with Renovo’s Ultra Proofer. I used a brush to apply it. Wouldn’t it be easier to use a spray next time (after having protected the rest of the car) to apply it evenly?


We advise that you should follow the instructions on the bottle label when applying any of Renovo's products. The main reason we advise customers to brush on the Ultra Proofer, and not spray it, is so that the brush can be used to work the Ultra Proofer into the fibres of the soft top giving the best coverage possible.

 If the Ultra Proofer were sprayed it would drift into the air and not directly onto the roof, this mode of application would not be as effective as brushing on the Ultra Proofer, and it would waste more product too.

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