“Can I use a spray to apply Renovo products, rather than using a brush?”

The short answer is no! I do know that people have tried to spray on the products in the past, and it never works very well, and leaves a less than desirable result!The Fabric Soft Top Cleaner, Soft Top Reviver and Ultra Proofer all require application with a new/clean 5cm paintbrush, as per the instructions […]

“My cream fabric car mats are dirty and need protection against fading!”

It is very surprising how dirty and faded car mats can ruin the overall look of a vehicle; even if the outside appearance is pristine, upon entering the vehicle, a poorly looked after interior can result in your exterior care efforts seeming insignificant. The best product for you to use is Renovo’s Carpet Ultra Proofer. […]

“I have removed the mould from my Saab convertible hood, but white marks have been left afterwards!”

This is a very common issue that convertible owners find, in fact, these marks are often mistaken to be left over mould, that the customer will continue to scrub at, to no avail.With my considerable years of experience with soft tops, and usually after viewing  a photograph in this sort of scenario, I can be […]

“What is the best way to clean, restore and protect the hood of my Jaguar convertible?”

To get the best possible results and to breathe new life into your convertible hood, I would recommend that you treat your Jaguar’s soft top with our three stage process, using the following Renovo products: 1.) Fabric Soft Top Cleaner 2.) Soft Top Reviver 3.) Ultra Proofer Step one – To begin, you need to […]