Carpet Ultra Proofer Application Instructions

Please note: Do not dilute or mix Carpet Ultra Proofer with any other product! This would seriously impair the product performance and may damage your carpets. Test on an inconspicuous area first! Coverage will depend on age and condition of substrate.

  1. Ensure that the carpet is dry and thoroughly cleaned and free of dust and dirt. Start your vacuuming job by pulling out the floor mats. Shake out the mats to remove any loose dirt. Use an upholstery attachment or the bare hose end to vigorously vacuum the mats. The more you're able to agitate the carpet, the cleaner you'll get it. Ensure that the carpet is thoroughly cleaned by vacuuming, using the palm of your free hand to beat the carpet just in front of your vacuum hose or tool. As you beat the carpet, dirt that is lodged deep into the carpet will come loose for vacuuming.
  2. Shake the container and unlock the nozzle.
  3. Apply Carpet Ultra Proofer in even sweeping motions at a distance of 10cm/4" until all the carpet has been evenly covered. N.B. Work on each footwell individually. Do not apply in direct sunlight as this will cause the Carpet Ultra Proofer to dry out too quickly.
  4. As each area is treated/covered with Carpet Ultra Proofer it is then important to use a soft lint free/microfibre cloth to rub the Carpet Ultra Proofer into the fibres of the carpet. In case of allergic reaction it is advisable to wear protective gloves during this process!
  5. Allow the carpets to dry for approximately an hour.

Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight. Do not store at a temperature below O°C (32°F).

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