Renovo Soft Top Reviver

Renovo's Soft Top Reviver

Re-Colours and Re-Conditions Your Soft Top


This unique and innovative formula is simple to apply and gives unbelievable results - even when the fabric soft top is severely faded on your new or classic car.

We recommend using Renovo Fabric Soft Top Cleaneraccording to the ‘severely soiled’ instructions on the bottle to thoroughly clean your convertible top prior to applying Soft Top Reviver. It is important to ensure that the fabric is free of grease, dirt and any previous waterproof coatings before using Soft Top Reviver.

After reviving the colour, many of our customers extend the longevity of the makeover by applying our weatherproofing Ultra Proofer too.
Renovo Soft Top Reviver is available in Black, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Dark Red or Dark Brown and is quite literally a new soft top out of a bottle.
Although originally created for soft tops, the Soft Top Reviver is also ideal for boat covers, canvas, double duck, and mohair coverings as it re-colours and reconditions them all like new.

Please see our Do's & Don'ts page before placing your order.

A new soft top out of a bottle!

Please Note: Purely as a guide, the Dark Red is mixed to Pantone 202C, Dark Green is mixed to Pantone 5467C, Dark Blue is mixed to pantone 282C and Brown is mixed to Pantone 4625C.

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