Effective against super-bugs - New car scented

Carpet Ultra Proofer

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Waterproofs your car carpets

Cleans and Waterproofs Car Mats and Carpets

Discoloured, matted-down, dirty carpets make your car look old, and while there isn't much you can do for worn out carpets, you can make dirty carpets look almost as good as new with Renovo Carpet Ultra Proofer.

Cleaning and proofing your car's carpets can do a lot to improve the overall look of the interior of your car, and Renovo's new, unique and marvellous formulation not only cleans and waterproofs, it also protects with advanced anti-bacterial guard, is effective against super-bugs, and contains a UV inhibitor too.

Renovo Carpet Ultra Proofer is very simple to apply and infuses your car with that 'new car' scent!

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"VERY pleased!
I purchased the Carpet Ultra Proofer from you guys last week, after watching a video on your YouTube Channel, I was so pleased with the results, that I purchased the Interior Ultra Proofer today! Fantastic stuff, I have two small children, and often get muddy foot prints and dirt all over my carpets, but this product has made cleaning and protecting them MUCH easier!
Thanks again!"
Claire P