Plastic Window Polish

Plastic scratch cleaner

Many of our customers complained about their convertible's rear screen clouding and discolouring, so we introduced our Plastic Polish. Suitable for all plastic windows, perspex screens, lights etc, you will be suprised how good it works. Great for plastic garden furniture and crash helmet visors too. We are being asked more and more by owners of light aircraft, boat and yacht owners whether the plastic cleaner can be used on their canopies and portholes and the answer is yes, in fact we are suppliers to a number of airports and chandlers.

Why does my screen, canopy or porthole cloud up?

For convertible cars every time the soft top is folded microscopic scratches are formed on the windows plastic (perspex) rear screen which causes the window to look cloudy and difficult to see through.

For light aircraft the high speed of dust, rain and hail hitting the canopy is enough to ensure is isn't long before scratches hinder vision - particularly in strong sunlight.

For boat windows plastic and yacht portholes, salt water erosion is the biggest culprit.

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This amazing plastic window polish:

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"Just wanted to say Wow! the Plastic window polish is the best thing since sliced least where soft-top windows are concerned, 1/2 hour of effort just restored my Midget hood from milky white to crystal clear!"
Adam Parker
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