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Our products have been in use for nearly 15 years, here are some of our older testinonials:

Doug Ryder


April 2004

I thought that you might be interested to see the attached pictures of my Frog Eye Sprite.

The Hood is Double Duck and is 10 years old and had become very faded in indeed, I applied two coats of Renovo Reviver and it has transformed the car. Great Product!

Frog Eye before Renovo Frog Eye after Renovo
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Toowoomba Qld


I always thought my weekend hobby car – a 10-year-old Mazda MX-5 NB series – looked quite respectable, even though its black vinyl soft-top was showing signs of greying.

Water restrictions where I live in south-east Queensland prevent regular washing – and besides, the top is usually stowed under the tonneau cover. My attitude to open-top motoring can be summarised: If it looks like rain, leave the car in the garage.

When I was introduced to Renovo I was hesitant, thinking mild detergent and warm water always worked in the past. How wrong I was.

I found the vinyl soft top cleaner true to its claim of “the ultimate” and was amazed at the deep brown colour of the rinsing water. Two applications of the cleaner alone made my soft top appear almost like new.

After I applied the Renovo Ultra Proofer with UV inhibitor the top didn’t look much different from how it was the day I brought the MX-5 home. I have every confidence Renovo will not only protect my investment but help with resisting stains and avoiding fading.

I have no hesitation in recommending Renovo to anyone who enjoys wind-in-the-hair motoring.

James & Sash

Email 09/07

Hi Renovo

Just thought i would let you know how pleased with the result i am after using Vinyl Soft Top cleaner and Proofer at the weekend.

It has really transformed the top to our 1959 Morris Tourer - from a grey grubby colour to a lovely beige hood again. It is the original hood too so all the better for looking like new. We also used the plastic polish - which has improved the visibility with some elbow grease - another application should improve this further.

So after a top job done we enjoyed ourselves cruising around Cornwall - unfortunately the sun was shining so we couldn't show off the new improved hood!

Many thanks for providing some great products - keep it up.

Morris Tourer Morris Tourer Roof Vinyl Cleaner

CJ Hubbard

Senior Writer

Motoring Research Limited

Inside Track. The online diary by the people behind MSN Cars

MSN Car's Review

.... the result?

Well, my MX-5’s roof is now sparkling. The slightly unexpected chequered pattern that’s emerged appears to be inherent in the roof material – it certainly isn’t a repercussion of my far less consistent brushwork.

The Renovo kit is, as far as I can see, about as close as you can get to a new roof without fitting one.

Paul Leavett

Email 08/09

I used the Hood cleaner, the Canvas restorer and the Weatherproofer on a Alfa Romeo Spider. It looked bad last year but over the winter it had been parked up near to a hedge and was even worse. The leaves had badly stained the canvas fabric, Algi had also started to form in yellowy green patches on the hood, it looked terrible. It was not leaking but it felt damp, even on a dry day.

I first gave the Hood cleaner a couple of applications and brushed it when dry between each application.

I then gave it two coats of the black colour restorer and then used the last waterproofer, about three coats, (after each coat was dry.)

The result was dramatic. The hood looks totaly brand new. The rain literally bounces off and the hood is dry to the touch 2 minutes after the rain stops falling.

I have not used the plastic scratch remover on the window yet but if it works as well as the other three then great.

Please use this testimonial to your excellent product in any way you wish to, its great...

I only used about half the contents of the containers, therefore I can do the same again if I wish.

A great product that does all it claims.


Email 09/09

I have had a bottle of your Hood Reviver in my garage for about 12 years, having over-ordered quantities for my Rolls-Royce Phantom II when I changes its hood colour from tan to black.

I've just used this on the tonneau cover of my TR6 and even after all these years the result has been PERFECT! Good Stuff this Hood Reviver.


Email 09/09

Great products that brought the hood of my 10 year old Megane back to life.  Cannot recommend the product highly enough.

Lin Cherrington

Email 08/09

I wanted to let you know just how delighted I have been with both your service and products.

As you know I have an Mazda MX5 and the hood was looking dreadful, full of mould stains with a green haze over it.  I have tried other products and all that seemed to happen was the mould spread again after a few months. I was really hesitant about using other products however, as I saw so many reviews on your website I was almost tempted.

You were very helpful when I wrote to ask your advice, which filled me with the confidence to try Renovo.

The whole process of cleaning, renewing the colour and finally re-proofing was fool proof.  It was so easy to do and the results, well, they have been amazing.  In fact a neighbour was so impressed with the result that he asked me what I was using as a friend of his has the same problem with a soft top car. I was more than confident to recomend Renovo with no hesitation.

I will certainly be back for more products when needed.

Andrew Biddle

Japanese Cars Banzai Magazine July/09

Ahead of the Show Season, I have also revived the lacklustre appearance of the convertible hood. To bring it back to former glory, I turned to the highly recommended range of products from Renovo International (available directly or fromMX-5 specialists). £26.50 buys you a Vinyl Soft Top Kit that comprises of a Vinyl Soft Top Cleaner, that is a simple brush-on leave, agitate and rinse process to remove the dirt from the grain of the roof. A coating of Vinyl Ultra Proofer then seals the cleaned surface and restores a glossy, water-repellent finish to the hood. Hopefully you can see the before and after in the photo- the hood now looks as good as the day it rolled out of the dealership into the Japanese traffic. A treatment of the rear window with Renovo Window Polish has improved rearward visibility from the driver's seat too.

THEY ARE SUPERB PRODUCTS, and as the Mazda's roof is pretty tiny, there is plenty of the products left for future treatments.

Walter Garber

Meran, Italy

Email 07/09

Great product! I used it for my SAAB 900 convertible.

Looks great now!


Email 06/09

I used the canvas soft top cleaner and reviver on an old MX5 and the roof has come up like new.

I am very impressed. It's so nice to use a product that dos what it says.

Alan Todd

Email 05/09

Dear Renovo

Looking back through the rear view mirror on my 1999 SL320 I saw a very hazy image of the vehicles behind me. Having just removed the hard top and settled in for the delights of summer motoring it was obvious that the plastic windows in the soft top needed some attention.

The plastic was not brittle, cracked or badly marked, just difficult to see through clearly, but not enough to justify the expense of replacing the windows. I know that there are many products on the market that wax lyrical about how they can restore the clarity in cloudy plastic screens, so the next job was how to decide what to buy. The answer for me came from a copy of Autoexpress from July 2008, read whilst waiting to have my wife's car fixed at a local garage. The product being reviewed was Renovo Plastic Window Polish and the article convinced me that I should at least give it a try.

A bottle of the polish was duly purchased and I have to say that I was absolutely delighted with result, a rear screen that I could look through with greatly improved clarity. Applying the polish was simple, apart from the restrictions of working on the inside of the car. Patience and a little bit of 'elbow grease', working on a small area at a time, will achieve an amazing result that makes the effort well worthwhile.

Being slightly sceptical about manufacturers claims on car care products I have no hesitation in recommending this polish.

For a modest outlay of £9.99 (the price of a 50ml bottle and still some left for a couple more applications) my car looks smarter and most importantly is safer in terms of being able to see more clearly what is behind me. I have also been advised that a car can fail its annual MOT if the rear plastic screen is deemed too cloudy.

In my haste to try out the product my only regret was not taking a photo before I did the work so that I could compare the before and after effect.


Alberta, Canada

Email 05/09

Just finished using your Soft Top Kit "A" on my 2001 BMW Z3.

The results were excellent

Tony Harrison

Email 04/09

Recently ordered black soft top reviver. It arrived two days later and I have applied it to my 10 year old MGF.

The results are very impressive.

Thank you. My car looks like it has a new hood now.

Ask the Expert

Daily Telegraph

Oct 2008

Top gear

My wife has a much-loved 2001 Renault Mégane cabriolet with a blue hood. Having no garage, it is parked on our drive and subjected to wind, dust and rain. This has resulted in discolouration and ingrained dust in the hood fabric. I have tried to clean it with an Autoglym product with very patchy results. Could you recommend a product or company to restore the colour and condition?

W.S. Huddersfield

Renovo has products for this. Go to

Honest John.


Email 06/08

Just had to tell you what a miraculous effect your Plastic Window Polish had on my Smart Cabrio's rear window, thank you.

Only Renovo products from now on!!!!!

Andrew Ashby

Email 05/08

I just used the plastic screen restorer product you shipped me this week and it's worked a treat.. Saving me from buying new doors for my Caterham 7.


Email 04/08

Just placed my second order as I have a new car which requires a little TLC.

I was sceptical at first when on my last car (Porsche Boxter) but after drying it looked fantastic.

T Sayers

Letter 07/02

Having recently purchased 1 Litre of your Renovo Soft Top Reviver. I amvery happy. The hood on my 1934 Austin 7 was grey, faded and looked only fit for the bin.

Treated with your product the hood is now something to proud of, notashamed of. It's a deep rich black colour and looks great.

I will use Renovo on any future Classic Cars and will try your otherproducts. Thanks

Maria Rudd

Classic Car Weekly

March 08

Driving a soft-top classic in the summer is fun, as you enjoy all-round vision. But in the winter the roof is up and seeing behind you can be problem due to a scratched and yellowing rear plastic screen.

All is not lost though as we have found a great little product on the market from Renovo called Plastic Window Polish, which lives up to its name.

We tested the polish on half of a cloudy and heavily scratched plastic window caused by the soft-top being folded for lengthy periods, and it really surprised us with the results.

It smelt and looked like embrocation (old sportsmen will remember this rubbing ointment) and we applied it using small circular strokes until it was clear. After a few minutes, we buffed it off with a clean micro-fibre cloth and stood back to note the difference.

It greatly reduced a long line of scratches and brightened up a yellowing and cloudy screen which was clearly noticeable form the rear-view mirror. Very handy to keep in the glovebox.


Email 12/07

Just to let you know that I re-water proofed the roof of my Roadster this weekend (thanks to a friend letting me use his garage) I did it inside and out as you recommended. After a night of rain my car had no sign of condensation or leaks! The first time in three weeks.

Thank you so much.


Email 08/07

I used to own a MX5 (really loved it). Sold it to a guy who lives not too far away. Recently, I saw my ex car in the high street of Devizes and noticed the rear window looked new. I subsequently found out (from the new owner) that he had used a product called "Renovo".

Up until this point I had never heard of the product (shame on me). I now own a BMW Z3 and the rear window is getting a little misty. I cannot wait to try out my little pot of the wonder liquid on the BM. By the way you are not the only seller on the internet selling this product. The reason I purchased from your site is that your site is clear, easy to use and simply "user friendly". Thank you for that, I am 60 (look 50) and have an inbuilt fear of buying on line.

Jon Allen

Email 12/06

After purchasing a bottle of plastic window polish I was amazed at the results. It makes a real change to buy something that does what it claims on the can. It has really saved me pounds.

Thanks very much for an excellent product.


Email 12/06

Hi, I wanted to tell you that your website is the easiest I have ever used, in fact if they were all like yours it would be bliss!

I have used your products before and can't praise them enough. Thanks for a great simple shopping experience! There, can't get better than that.

Happy Christmas

Get Valeted

Email Oct 2006

You can add GV to your list of ultra-satisfied clients!

Our first service using the Ultra-reviver and our clients TT looks awesome.

Many thanks!

Karl Smith

Email Oct 2006

Hi, I bought some of your proofer for my convertible, having tried all types of different ways without success to cure a leak at both corners of my windscreen, to be honest, I didnt think it would sort it. It has been on now for 3 weeks and we have had some really bad rain storms up here in sunny Sheffield and I haven't had one drip in my car since applying the proofer, I would highly recommend anyone with a leek on their car roof to use this before trying more expensive remedies, With thanks.

Email Oct 2006

Window renovation product received today, thank you for your prompt response.

The product was used on ther rear screen of an msg where window was damaged from rear mounted engine fumes. Results? - Superb!

Anthony Jones

Email Aug 2006

Just to say that the plastic window polish is excellent, it does exactly what product is for, I also found that it keeps the window cleaned for longer.

Well Done.


Email Aug 2006

This is one of the only products that I have ever bought that does exactly what it says it is going to do. This was excellent! I would definitely recommend it!



Email July 2005

I received a bottle of your plastic window polish about 10 days ago. I was really busy at the time, and only had chance to try it out at 11pm! I rubbed at the outside of the window with a soft cloth (in a bit of a rush) and was SO disappointed that nothing really happened. I left it on the side in the kitchen for a while, then decided to try the inside of the window  this weekend. In daylight hours with a little more time and effort I tried again. Oh My Goodness, I dont know what I was doing wrong before, or if it was all the scratches on the inside, but I can now see out of my rear view window without having to guess the distance of the car behind me!!!

The window was misted up when I bought the car, and this is the first time I have been able to see through the window in 3 months!



Email June 05

I receieved your goods last week and on Sunday began work on the canvas hood of my 7 year old Audi. The top which began life black was a dirty sludgy dark green. The cleaner worked brilliantly, I couldn't believe the dirt and muck it lifted out of the hood. I then applied the Reviver followed by the Proofer.

My hood now looks brand new. A well spent 45 quid. Thanks.

I would highly recommend your products to anybody.

Paul Dunford

Email May 05

I just bought a 3 year old MG TF, The rear screen was pretty scratched and not particulalrly clear. I did a bit of research on the web and found your Plastic Window Polish. Unlike one of your reviewers, who wishes he'd taken a 'before and after' picture, I decided to actually do it. One half cleaned, the other not cleaned. The difference is astounding. Most of the scratches have gone. The visibility and colour of the plastic has been transformed to virtually 'as new'. The plastic even feels more flexible. Overall I'm delighted and amazed how well this works. Highly recommended!

Excellent car care

Gordon Harris

Devon, UK

Email May 05

Renovator and Proofer couldn't be easier to apply and the results are predictable and exactly as it says on the bottle.



April 05

Hi, Incredible results on a 98 Boxster. I used the cleaner, reviver and ultra proofer on a black soft top of a Porsche Boxster, and it looks like similar to new!!!!

Derek Warren

Email April 05

Over the weekend I used the three products promptly delivered last week. I am really pleased with the outcome. What was a tired looking, weather beaten nine year old hood has been transformed. Great products. Well done.

John Jacob

Email 06/04/05

Great stuff. My roof looks great now, as for the Plastic Window Polish, I was sceptical but my rear window is now as clear and see-through as new, great product.


Email 02/05

I found your products on the Net a couple of years ago, and have used the “cleaner”, “colour restorer” and the “weather proofer” and found them to be of exceptional quality. They need to be ‘cos I use them on my Porsche, so have to have products I can trust.

Colin Bosanquet

Email Feb 05

Wow... I have an Alfa Romeo Spider from 86 and the vinyl hood is 10yrs old.

Now, I have only used the screen polish up to now and its worked a treat!

Ian Clark

Email Sept 04

I recently bought a Triumph Stag with a very misty soft top window. Having seen some reviews of your plastic window polish I purchased a bottle. The results are absolutely amazing and the window is now as clear as a if it were new. Reversing into the garage is much safer now!

Pete Hizzey


Email 26/7/04

The plastic polish has achieved totally unexpected results. If I had known it was even half as good I would have taken 'before and after' photographs!
An excellent product.

Read more here...

Martin Carr


June 2004

After one application of the reviver the scratch marks on my Audi S4 Convertible had virtually disappeared.

Thank you for your help and co-operation and for the innovation and marketing of a very good product.

Click image to see larger image and read the whole testimonial.

Customer's testimonial letter

Peter McCarthy


June 2004

Just used the 'Fabric Soft Top Kit' on my tired MGF hood and wow, what a difference! The roof is now as black and feels as thick as it did when the car was new.  The great thing is the whole car now looks newer, not just the hood. The only problem is now its June the sun is now shining, so do I put the roof down and enjoy the sun, or do I keep the roof up and show its new finish off?

Many thanks for a great product - I've already recommended you to a couple of friends.

Gordon Briffa


June 2004

I have been using the Soft Top Reviver on my Toyota MR2 spider for the past 3 months and I can assure you that the soft top finally looks like new again.

I have used several prodoucts before however I never managed to get these type of results. Its incredible!!!

Peter Harris


January 2004

I've been meaning to contact you for some time. I bought a set of your products to restore and protect the blue roof on my XJS convertible. The results are stunning, the roof looks almost new again and compliments the pale yellow paint work.

Russell Bowden


July 2003

Superb results with the fabric soft top reviver - I was amazed at the results!

I just wish I'd taken some of those 'before' and 'after' photos!

Neil Birch


July 2003

Bought some plastic window polish a couple of weeks back, just thought I would let you know it's absolutely brilliant, I can actually see through my windows now. Thanks

Brian Mutton


March 2003

I have just used Renovo Plastic Window Polish and found the improvement astounding.

I will be recommending this to my vehicle supplier who has a valeting service (as he can't have used it on mine).

Jack Epstein


December 2002

I had bought a Triumph Stag a while back and whilst it was generally in good repair, the same could not be said for the soft top. Unfortunately it was in storage for a number of years and subsequently the soft top ended up in a terrible state. The original colour was black but had faded so badly that it had turned a light cream colour. I was convinced that the purchase of a new soft top was inevitable.

I had received a good recommendation from a person who had used Renovo and decided to order it and try it out before I went to the expense of actually purchasing a new soft top.

I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived the following day.

That weekend I started with a brush and removed all the surface dirt. I was shocked to find that the hood was so bad that remnants of the original dye were so dry it came off like dust. Then with the Renovo Dry Cleaner, sponge and a bit of elbow grease it came up cleaner than I ever expected. After it dried out, I applied the Reviver which went on smoothly, was extremely effective and a pleasure to apply. As I went on, I could see the difference straight away and finally completed 2 coats. I then applied the Ultra Proofer the following morning and waited for it to dry. When I finally drove the car out of the garage and looked at the soft top in the daylight, I was nothing less than amazed.

It looked fabulous and certainly did not resemble the 30-year-old discoloured soft top I had started with.

Feeling thoroughly delighted with the results, I decided to tackle the last, and due to the importance of visibility, probably the most important part of the soft top, the Perspex window. Due to neglect, the Perspex window had stained rusty marks, paint, scratches and a slight yellow tinge to it. With a clean cloth I applied the Renovo Plastic Window Polish in a circular motion with medium amount of pressure, left it to dry and finally wiped away the residue. I repeated the same steps on the inside of the window and was thrilled at the results. It was absolutely amazing how the scratches and stains that I was convinced would probably still be there only cleaner, had actually disappeared.

I was over the moon. I had saved a small fortune in not having to purchase a new soft top, and the very same friends that had seen the soft top prior to restoration, were astounded when they saw it, having been convinced that I had bought a new soft top.

After having used the products myself, I have absolute faith in the results that the Renovo products achieve. In short, it is a wonderful product that fully lives up to it's promise and which a lot more people should try before going to the expense of purchasing a new soft top or Perspex for their vehicles'.

I have since discovered that Renovo products have many different applications and now next job is ...... the boat.

Best Regards,

“Totally convinced”

P.S. Now that the soft top looks so good it makes the rest of the car look as if it needs a repaint !!



October 2002

I have just applied a coat of blue hood reviver to my 1992 convertible Jaguar XJS. Before applying the reviver the hood was looking faded and worn-out. It now looks almost brand new (if you ignore the odd scuff mark).

It is rare to find a product that actually does what its supposed to so I thought I would drop you an email and let you know how pleased I am.

John Redman


September 2002

I applied 2 coats of black colour to a mohair soft-top cover which had been badly marked by water.

It now looks like new - I am really impressed.

William Gibson

Drongan, Ayrshire


July 2002

This year I decided to have a brand new roof.

However I saw your sales add in the JBA owners club Magazine, and thought "ok one more try".

I followed the your simple instructions on the kit supplied. I now have the roof I remember buying away back in 1989. I can even see through the rear window again. You have a first class product, I found the transformation to my top amazing, and it was so easy to use.

Phil Divers

July 2002

Just to let you know that I used the reviver on the inside of my MGF hood where an earlier stain and the attempted removal had bleached the canvas.

The result is most impressive and the product lives up to the testimonials I had read about it.

The hood is only two years old and the bleached patch was just at the front so only the affected panel was treated. The colour match was my greatest concern but it has turned out to be perfect.

The inside of the hood now looks new again thanks to your product.

John Hixford

Taken from a letter to Classic Car Magazine

Having purchased Hood Reviver and read the instructions, I painted on the liquid and it seemed almost perfect.

I repainted the top after about six months , but this time I used a small piece of recycled kitchen sponge, 3 inches square. Placing a small amount into a plastic pot, I dipped the sponge into the restorer (using plastic gloves), and allowed the liquid to draw off, before applying it onto the roof, using the sponge as if you are wiping the surface. The result was a very impressive finish.

I would like to recommend this product as I believe it could be the answer to my roof problems.

Chris Taylor

E. Mids Area Sec.

Mustang Owners Club GB

I see many other peoples projects so when recently a fellow club member recommended Renovo vinyl cleaner and proofer I decided to try it on my 1989 5.0 convertible.

...,following the easy and clear instructions I first cleaned the top, although already very clean the difference could be seen.

Once dry I proceeded to apply the proofer, what a difference!

I now have the perfect new factory look back, plus I have enough Renovo left to last for years, congratulations on a truly excellent product that does exactly what it says, I shall have no hesitation in recommending it to other Mustang owners in the next issue of the club magazine.

Robin Clark

March 2001

May I take this opportunity to thank you for producing such a quality product.

My hood looks like new again...

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