“I own a lovely Triumph Stag, but when I put the hood up, the smell is awful!”

I think that the “awful smell” could be a result of the top being left down during rainfall, causing the head lining to become wet/damp and it not then being allowed to dry out properly before the hood was closed or it was left folded whilst still damp. Warm, dark and damp conditions in the […]

”How do I remove Renovo Reviver from my leather seats?”

This is a seldom occurrence if you are careful whilst applying Reviver; but can sometimes happen especially if you are trying to re-colour the inner lining of your hood or if you inadvertently left a door or window open whilst you were busy working on your soft top. Don’t worry, I can advise you exactly […]

“How can I clean, restore and protect my black and grey leather seats?”

The best products to clean, restore and protect your black and grey leather seats are Renovo’s recently introduced Black Leather Reviver, neutral Leather Ultra Proofer. The Black Leather Reviver not only cleans, and re-colours black leather, it also protects against fading with a UV inhibitor  Similarly, the Leather Ultra Proofer does all of these things, […]

“My cream fabric car mats are dirty and need protection against fading!”

It is very surprising how dirty and faded car mats can ruin the overall look of a vehicle; even if the outside appearance is pristine, upon entering the vehicle, a poorly looked after interior can result in your exterior care efforts seeming insignificant. The best product for you to use is Renovo’s Carpet Ultra Proofer. […]