“My hood was jet washed and it has left white marks, will your Reviver cover them up?”

It always pains me to hear that someone has used a jet wash on their convertible top; unfortunately this is quite a common mistake, not only by the vehicle owners, but also professional detailers! Jet washers should NEVER be used on a hood, the concentration of water flow is too powerful, and will damage the material, not only on fabric tops, but also on vinyl.

As you mentioned seeing “white marks” after the top was jet washed, I can surmise that these are due to the washer having blown some of the pile of the fabric off with the concentrated jet of water; this, unfortunately, is irreversible damage.

If this is indeed the case, the Soft Top Reviver will most likely accentuate the “white marks”. If Reviver is applied to the hood, it will result in the undamaged areas darkening more than the damaged areas and therefore highlighting the damage rather than hiding it. This is because the Reviver would have less pile to absorb into where the pile has been blown off with the jet washer.

On the other hand, there is another possibility of what these white marks could be! If the marks only appear on the areas of the hoods mechanism, the white marks could be what is known as fold marks or “scuff marks” , these are caused by the fabric of the soft top rubbing against itself whilst using the folding and unfolding mechanism. Some soft tops are more prone to these “scuff” marks than others.

You can clean your soft top to help reduce the marks (as dirt within the fibres of the soft top will increase the friction) with the Renovo Fabric Soft Top Cleaner and then use Renovo Soft Top Reviver to spruce up the colour.

Although the Reviver will mask the marks over the roof support bars, when you start to fold down the top up and down again the marks will begin to reappear; as these are simply caused by the friction of the material rubbing against itself, and cannot be stopped.

In addition, you must always use the Reviver product on the whole roof, and NOT just the area with white marks; otherwise you will have a very patchy result, which would mostly likely highlight the fold marks even more so!

Renovo Ultra Proofer is a very effective way to waterproof and protect your top from becoming ingrained with dirt, which would cause greater friction and worsen the marks – so remember to use the Proofer after you have cleaned and/coloured the top.

You may find this a slightly amusing suggestion that your neighbours may laugh at, but I suggest that you can also use the suction nozzle on your vacuum cleaner to suck dust out of your fabric hood when it is dry too!I hope you found this information helpful! If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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