“Are Renovo products safe to use on my convertible top and will they damage my paintwork or windows?”

The simple answer is no, our products will not harm your paintwork or windows! This is naturally a concern for all customers who want to keep their pride and joy pristine, so let me put your mind at ease! All Renovo products are water-based in order to be entirely kind to your convertible hood, paintwork […]

“What quantity of each product will I need to restore my SAAB convertible?”

The required quantity to carry out a hood renovation is a very difficult aspect to advise a customer completely accurately! This is because there are many factors that manipulate the required amount of each product, such as how dirty the top is, or how faded the top is, etc. However, as a general guide, I […]

“My hood was jet washed and it has left white marks, will your Reviver cover them up?”

It always pains me to hear that someone has used a jet wash on their convertible top; unfortunately this is quite a common mistake, not only by the vehicle owners, but also professional detailers! Jet washers should NEVER be used on a hood, the concentration of water flow is too powerful, and will damage the […]

“My convertible top has mould on it, what can I use to clean it?”

The best product to remove mould from a fabric convertible top is Renovo’s Fabric Soft Top Cleaner. It is a very simple task and can easily be completed in less than a day! You should first paint the Fabric Soft Top Cleaner onto the entire hood with a new/clean 5cm paintbrush. Once you have painted […]

“I have applied the Ultra Proofer, but it’s not beading when my top gets wet!”

I can easily answer and explain this quandary for you. Renovo Ultra Proofer is a water based weather proofing product, the water propels the proofing agents into the fabric of the soft top, once the water has evaporated and the top is dried, then the soft top is weather proofed. On most fabric soft tops […]

“How do I remove the proofer prior to applying Reviver?”

First of all, well done for asking this question, instead of just applying the Reviver to your soft top before removing any previously applied proofing agents! Despite the instructions on the Reviver bottle, you would be amazed by how many people just go ahead and put the Reviver onto a protected top and are then […]

“How do I remove bird droppings from my convertible top?”

I am sure all convertibles owners know how frustrating it is to walk out the door to go for a spin in your convertible car, only to find out that the hood is covered in bird droppings! You then attempt to wipe the mess off, however, the droppings have dried, or they are fresh and you […]