“How can I stop rain from penetrating my convertible top?”

If the rain is leaking through your soft top because the weather barrier has deteriorated and not because there is physical damage to your soft top, such as a tear, then the best thing for you to do is apply Renovo’s Ultra Proofer; this will cocoon your soft top in a weather proof coating – […]

“It rained before I finished applying the Ultra Proofer to my BMW convertible!”

There is nothing more frustrating than when you get to the final part of the three stages of restoring your convertible hood, and then it starts to rain just as you are applying the Ultra Proofer! This can leave customers feeling very concerned that they may have to start the whole process again, but don’t […]

“What is the best way to clean, restore and protect the hood of my Jaguar convertible?”

To get the best possible results and to breathe new life into your convertible hood, I would recommend that you treat your Jaguar’s soft top with our three stage process, using the following Renovo products: 1.) Fabric Soft Top Cleaner 2.) Soft Top Reviver 3.) Ultra Proofer Step one – To begin, you need to […]